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July 29, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
((Warning: This is a lemon a.k.a. sex so if you don't like it, please don't read it. This a continuation of a story you can find in the description box. Sexual themes are included in this so, you know, tissues are always a good idea when Hetalia is involved. Enjoy!))


And that's how you ended up here: trapped between two strong arms that trembled slightly whenever your hands would go towards his curl, lips being placed atop yours moment after wonderful moment. He handels you with touches that were much to special to be pure lust. By now your legs have been entangled with his, as you pull at his stubborn shirt, and he looks to you, pulling back and raising his arms as you release the fabric from his body.

Your eyes are instantly drawn to his torso, toned without being a body builder, glistening with a sheet of sweat. His eyelids slide shut as you run your palms down his chest, feeling the hills and slopes of his lower torso, and graze them while crawling back up with hot fingertips. As your hand goes to pull on his curl, he grabs your wrist and growls, pushing you down with his body, and you feel the heat of him through your own shirt, before he rips it off in a flash.

Your shiver is light as his hot burning orbs of amber cause a warmth to grow in your belly, slowly spreading as his finger go to to your back, touching the clip of your bra and releasing the confining contraption. He delicious mouth smashes to yours and pulls your lips to a part, before twisting your tongue with his, enjoying the loud moan you give and the way your back curves towards his.

You get loud when he moves towards the bumps on your chest, giving then a kiss before he launches to your right, sucking and pulling on the bud. Your eyes widen and you give slam with your hips, digging your nails into his hair, pulling and tugging on the strands.

His hand goes to your left breast, after plucking your bud with his finger and he sets his hot palm over your flesh. The moaning overcomes you as he quickly removes the reminder of cloth between the two of you, freeing your bodies to have the ability to truly touch, and Romano's touches ghost over your flesh long after they are gone. But the intense feeling of his finger working its way into you makes you inhale sharply and wiggle your hips to make him moves faster. His digit curls inside you, and you feel each time it grazes your walls. Never in your life had you had a feeling like this, were ever shift of your body and ever inch he moves hit you like electricity. You feel as he adds another, and as you start to clamp around him, he pulls back, wanting both of you to be at the peek of emotions when he becomes a part of you.

Your mewl when he leaves you frustrated and unfulfilled. You take your revenge quickly, tugging his curl and removing your hands south before he has any hopes of recovery. It's the first time either of you had been exposed to someone else, and your face his set aflame as your hands snake around his member, his ears turning red from the heat in his face and entire body.

It feels instinctive almost, the movement and friction you are creating for a taste of retaliation for the sweet overloading burst he hadn't given you earlier. As soon as his knuckles turn white from gripping the sheets, and his curl is bouncing uncontrollably on his head, his face red and body hot, and you can oh-so visibly see the pressure in his body, you release him teasingly.

His eyes snap open and they are like a burning volcano of want, need, love and lust, an ocean of brown desire. His growl makes the simmering pressure inside your coil even more. His hand reaches below you and tugs your legs forward and you grip onto him tightly with your thighs, legs rapping around his back. Your arms seem to know what to do even if your brain has jumbled into a mess, and they settle themselves around his shoulder, your hand going towards his neck.

He waits for the nod you eagerly give.

You both shared a deep breath before he thrust in quickly, taking no time to prolong the event of him being sheathed inside you.

Pin-prickles of pain filled you inside, your eyes stinging almost instantly, and your grip on him tightened. You keep your hands bent awkwardly across his back, aiming your nails away to keep from causing indentations. You didn't want to hurt him. Just like how he didn't want to hurt you.

Romano kissed your cheeks and eyelids, tasting the salt that feel from your eyes in droplets, before kissing you passionately on the mouth, his tongue playing with yours to distract you. He guided your hands to his scalp, letting your hands tangle in his hair, playing and pulling the strands to funnel bits of the pain he unwillingly caused you. He wanted to tell you that you had a right to hurt him, dammit! He didn't like seeing you cry!

The look in his eyes told you he was hesitant, regretful for what he was making you feel at the moment but he was afraid if he pulled out the feeling would only increase. He had to stay still- just for now- just for you.

"We don't have to do this, you know," You nodded, looking towards him, no longer burying your face into his neck as he dropped one last kiss on your neck before pulling back as well. "Tí amo," His almond-colored irises swam with your own, effectively drowning you and your last edges of discomfort.

You bucked your hips up into his as a symbol, hearing him give a gasp on the end of sentence. He ground back, allowing a drop of primal instant to fill him with a bit of confidence as he began slowly, still not quite sure if you were perfectly safe or if he even knew how to pull this off; but he loved you and the feeling of being so close was amazing.

He hears your gasps for more speed and obeys quickly, thrusting in deeper each time as you cry out his name in an orchestra that could drive him mad simply by itself. It doesn't take him long to find something special inside, like a prize hidden inside a box. The moan you give is to great for the walls that surround you, and he is sure the neighbors know exactly what is going on in the house at this moment. Your eyes are filled with white and your start to see various colors before the the single shade comes back again and again as that spot become focus, being hammered into with a strong buck repeatedly.

The moment reminds you of a sunrise, your peek is something wonderful and amazingly new to both of you and your bodies feel the rippling rocks of it as it explodes inside of you. Your sigh is long and you feel as you go slack, as years of waiting float off your shoulders.

He follows behind you, tumbling over the lovers' edge and into what seems to be a never ending abyss, a trail of heat finding its way into you as you shift your hips, relishing the feel. It's like a boiling river is snaking into you, making you feel feverish in a way you could never possibly grow tired of.

Romano struggles to stay up, arms quivering as he doesn't want to put his weight on you, and he slips out as you give a whimper at his exit, before smiling again as he lays on his side, grabbing a sheet and throwing it over you, nestling you into his chest. His arms go around your waist, encircling you in an embrace he hopes you know with forever be there to catch you.

He finally had someone he could honestly say he wouldn't mind belonging to for the rest of his life.
And he finally had a person he could claim as his own- a love he could know was only for him and was in no danger if being stolen.


You had to admit, he tasted way better than your favorite food and he thought you tasted much better than an pasta in existence. And maybe it was just you still riding your way down from the high, but you could have sworn, with his hand wrapped around yours, that his curl was shaped like a heart.
First lemon.... I feel like a need to be cleansed.. Or something XD
Sorry if this sucks but since I have no experience this is gathered by things other stories and health class taught me lol

Anyway, I'm pending on the two lemons that got requested I'm basically waiting to see if I'm horrible at lemons

So writing virginity went to Romano! One of the best characters ever!
Please tell me if you spot errors or things to improve on!

ĄPart 1: [link]

ĄThanks for reading!
ĄPlease leave a comment
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I just loved it!! It was the best Lemon i've read.
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I didn't have to wait (I'm 15 and a total cheater)

It was a bit rushed but I enjoyed it.

At least you can actually write a lemon
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how did you do it ?
i have to wait 2 more years to read one that is 18+
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