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July 25, 2012
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Arthur, Alfred, and Francis started to notice their half-brother was loved by his best friend, and the fact that he loved her back, six months after their friendship had started. Matthew wouldn't have a defeated, solemn look on his face when other people would talk around him and ignore him; instead, his eyes would be far away, his mouth soon following with a smile. He was thinking of _________.

He was always thinking of her. Everything: her hair that jumped with the winds, her eyes that shined with the feelings of her soul, her skin that was always so soft every time if brushed against his by accident. Everything was amazing. And he, undoubtedly, loves her.

He loves how she fretted over seeing him the first time, thinking he was Alfred from the back, and quickly changing her mind when she saw a red leaf on the front of his shirt. Matthew repeatedly told her not to worry, that he was used to it, but this only pushed _________ to prove to him that he was different, that he was special.

From the instant she saw him, she could tell he was torn; not broken, just torn. Like a stuffed animal that was ripped and had stuffing falling out. That was Matthew. He could easily be stitched, fixed up, and repaired if people gave him a second glance and not a fist meant for his half-brother. His emotions were filtered by _________. She kept the feelings that he should always have and be able to feel and keep, getting rid of negative thoughts he had built for himself since he was young. With her acting as a healer, she had put him the best position he had ever been in. Being in love and being loved.

Both were just to nervous to realize it.


Matthew was in his corner of biology class, watching as his best friend balanced pencils on her knuckles, adding more each time and starting over when they tumbled. She had added a fifth one just now but had dropped them all about two minutes ago, stacking them over again to reach five- no six pencils (she had just placed another one) onto her hand.

"Everyone please read chapters three through six tonight and complete pages twenty to twenty-seven in your text book," The teacher announced, the bell ringing, and instantly people leapt from their seats, _________ dropping the writing tools off her hands simultaneously, stuffing the yellow utensils in her backpack, wanting to go home.

Alfred left with a cheerful, "The hero will be back tomorrow!" Effectively blocking the only exit, and Matthew snickered when the object of his affections sniped back with "If your ass doesn't move~ I make one hell of a villain!" Alfred quickly left after that, spare change from his previous McDonalds purchase giggling in his back pocket.

That was Mattie's girl!

Matthew was the last person out of class, as usual. It took him roughly five seconds to discover on the first day of school that he was invisible to his new set as class mates, as well as the old ones, when he tried to be the first out the door and into the hall. Long story short- he got trampled.

_________ had picked him off the floor, her face holding shock for a breath and then holding out her hand in greeting, asking if he was okay.

Mattie finally walked out the door, face down, lips pulled up.


Matthew's hands couldn't stop moving! They were either wiggling in his back pockets or the single collective pocket in his hoodie, or stuck in his hair, pulling on his curl to try and make him impulsive enough to do this.

His fist was half way to the door, when it swung open, almost hitting him in the face and grazing his hair, to reveal _________.

"Matthew! What are you doing here?" She blinked, before smiling brightly and giving the canadian a hug. He wrapped his arms some-what hesitantly around her back, tucking his head into her neck as she dug her's into his shoulder. Even though he was covered in a warm, red-maple leafed hoodie, he still feel cold when she pulled back giggling. "Your hair," She answered his questionable look "It tickles,"

"Sorry! I-I didn't mean to," He stuttered, mentally cursing the stubborn lock of blonde.

"Oh, no need to apologize. I like your curl; it's cute," _________ blurted out, hoping she wouldn't regret using an adjective that held such affection.

Matthew's face quickly heated, switching his face from its slightly pale canvas to a red painting of pure blush. "T-Thanks... Um, uh," He rubbed his neck, figuring the least awkward plan of action was to answer her first question, "I came because I really need to show you something!"

_________ had to process the quickly pressed out words, and then grabbed Mattie's hand. "Lead the way," She beamed.


Matthew hopes the gasp _________ releases is out of excitement, and that the shock is positive. She stares at the telescope for a pregnant moment, before she runs up and hugs Matthew tighter than she ever has before, eyes misty with joy.

"You remembered! You didn't forget! Oh, my God, Matthew! Your amazing!"

Its like they can both remember the first time they were ever under the stars when he had walked her home, and asked why she kept staring at the sky in ten second intervals. She had replied that she loved the feeling the stars gave her, that she had always wanted a chance to glance at Venus, and that they should both remember that the stars were proof neither of them were ever alone.

Matthew had spent the last three weeks finding the best telescope he could afford with the help of his brothers (namely Francis who he was closest to and who believed the most in true love), building it himself, and finding out when he will be able to see the planet, and where he should focus the lens and... Least to say- I was very very worth it for the warmth of her being snuggled into him.

"Uh.. Um.. Do you w-want to see it?" He asked, shocked by how her arms took away his ability to speak.

"S-see.. I-it?!?" _________ pulled away with a blush. Since when had Matthew become like Francis?!

"Yeah, it was really hard to find, I kept finding the wrong planet..." He replied, shrugging slightly... Oh, right... VENUS not.. Not.. IT. That was the Matthew _________ loved. Even thought the thought excited her of thinking as Matthew as a more bold person, he just wouldn't be the same without the adorable shyness that defined his personality.

_________ grabbed his hand, before bending in front of the microscope, putting her eye to the lens and having to readjust her position so that her eye lashes weren't in her view. The canadian behind her blushed when she shifted, her backside moving in the corner of his violet orbs despite his turning away.

Matthew took a deep breath, mentally arguing with himself whether or not he should say this incredibly cheesy, ridiculous line he practiced in his bathroom mirror.

"I-I always thought you would be more pretty that Venus," He breathed, releasing something that he never had planned to leave hid thoughts until recently. "I love you, _________"

At first, Matthew thought she hadn't heard him. She just stood there for moments. Until he heard a soft sob.

"You.. Love me?" She rubbed her eyes, "But w-why would you ever love someone like me? I talk back all the time, I'm a neat freak, I can be a nightmare when I wake up in the morning... And yet you love me?"

He reaction was immediate, "Yes, of course I love you! It's like that song you love, that says Earth has angels on it, sometimes you just have to look for them... Well I didn't have to look for mine, because you found me, _________,"

Maybe it wasn't exactly anything any other guy would want published to the public, but he wasn't the only one with a red and sniffling by now.

"I've loved you for a really long time now. I finally found someone who pays attention to me and I couldn't pray for anyone better! But I know I'm not the only one who pays attention to you..." He ended, thinking if this was going to head south for him, he may as well keep her happy, and try to smooth over the incident with a complement.

"Mattie, you maple-loving, syrup-drinking, glass-wearing Canadian- I love you too, so don't ever think I don't see you as more than a simple friend,"

He walks towards her then, grasping her fingers and knitting theirs' together as he bends down, his neck protesting slightly but him ignoring it, as his lips ghost over hers, before gripping then firmly, pressing together in a blissful for contact. And for one his lets a bit of dominance flood him, as he grazes her lower lips with his tongue, rushing in and dancing with hers the instant she opens. _________ releases a moan at the feeling of him, and they both pull back when they barely here Alfred barge into the house of their pants of breath and sole attention on each other.

_________ grabs Matthew's hand, letting him pull her inside to sit next to him, letting her fall asleep on his shoulder.

Besides astronomy class was always much more entertaining than any form of chemistry.
Hey! I love Canada but found it slightly hard to write him! Aw, Canada is my country's 'hat' but he's so adorable! Especially when he blushes (Or the time he totally gasms while watching England and France fight)
Anyway, tell me if you like it!

Please tell me any errors you see and things to improve on!

ĄThanks for Reading!
ĄPlease leave a review!
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Matt makes me so proud that my grandfather is from Canada. and Matt is such an adorable sweetheart!!!! (i love his French side!!!)
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